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This is a really interesting look into an important overlap between IP, agriculture, and economic development. I hadn't appreciated the connection between IP rights and sustainability before reading it. Thanks!

This article makes a persuasive argument for constraining the production of Tequila GI to a limited geographical area to promote rural and traditional farming, which in turn leads to more sustainable practices. A point for further examination may be: to what extent the additional value of such traditional methods of growth can incentivize the agave producers to shift the balance of its current disposition on production territory for a more sustainable method of farming.

It's great to see food issues getting more attention in environmental publications!

Global demand for a place-based product can put significant strain on the supply and make it difficult to protect the integrity of the product. Efforts to expand distribution outside the production region necessarily have an impact on the resources of the region, making prioritization of sustainable production practices all the more critical.

We're starting to see small mezcal producers fill the terroir gap that tequila has left in Mexico. Terroir-based products and marketing efforts will have more success if consumers actively consider the impact of their food and drink choices, and producers make an effort to tell the stories.

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